Outward Bound: Colonizing the Multiverse

In the Outward Bound series, we’ll have a detailed discussion on how humanity could go about colonizing the entire multiverse. We’ll talk about things like living on the Moon or Mars; colonizing the entire solar system; we’ll also discuss the topics of interstellar and intergalactic space travel and how we could go about colonizing other star systems and galaxies; and, lastly, we even discuss the notion of going to other universes and exploring the multiverse.

Starship Compendium: Space Transportation Systems

In the Starship Compendium series, we take a look at the various different kinds of spaceships we might use to travel across space. We’ll talk about things like Shkadov thrusters, the Alcubierre warp drive, and nuclear-fusion spaceships.

Clarketech: Technologies of the Future

In the Clarketech series, we’ll examine technologies of the far-future: this includes everything to room-temperature super conductors, gene-editing technology like CRISPR/CAS9, nanobots, and various different kinds of robots. We’ll be specifically interested in how such technology will impact society and human civilization.